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What do we stand for? 
We believe that the right people in the right place, in combination with suitable equipment and ditto automation, is the answer to our 5 key-values that our company considers important. We stand with both feet on the ground and move along with all technical and social developments as much as possible. 

Pleasant working atmosphere and cooperation
With a common goal in mind, we enjoy working together and therefor create a culture where we feel connected to our company. We invest in our customers and relations, in our team, in our organization and in internal training. We trust each other and give each other space. We make sure everyone feels seen, heard and valued. 

Health and sustainability

Everything we do for our customers and our people is based on a responsible approach to the environment and social and economical developments.
We take the wishes of our customers in account when organizing our work and do not lose sight of the interests of our people's health and well-being. We are always searching for a correct balance.


At most important we make sure all the work we carry out, is done safely. Our people receive the necessary training and work according to internal instructions which are based on our own experiences and those of our customers. The well-being of our people always comes first. 

Return and continuity

A healthy return is crucial to guarantee the continuity of our company. This is based on customer satisfaction, a stable pricing policy, the deployment of motivated people and the right resources. We operate according to ethical and professional standards and act in all honesty and responsibility. 

Eye for the environment

In our activities, we take into account our residential and living environment and we adapt ourselves as much as possible in those interests. We also support local associations and national charities. 

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